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cyber security

Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing

  •   Identify Weaknesses to improve security and reduce your attack surface
  •   Identify weakness in your technologies, processes and people
  •   Reduce risk and meet compliance requirments
  •   Remediate vulnerabilities and minimize the attack surface
  • Wireless Network Penetration Testing

    Wirless Attack & Penetration test will

  •   Identify Vulnerabilities
  •    Evaluate the risk of unauthorised access to your network
  •   Offer advice for hardening and remediation
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    security intelligence calicut

    Web Application Security Testing

    Expert web application security assessment company

  •   CERT-IN empanelled & PCI QSA
  •   Zero day vulnerability hunters
  •    Ethical Hackers helping global organizations
  • Mob App Security Testing

    Secure your mobile applications

  •   Mobile Penetration testing
  •   Advanced mobile app security assessments
  •    Multiple mobile platforms
  • Managed Security Services

  •   Security Log Monitoring
  •   Cyber Threat Intelligence
  •   Advanced vulnerability management
  •   Security device management
  • Security Intelligence

    Intelligence is the key to protect information. Information that is real-time can help you to identify threats even before they happen, empowering you to keep your information safe and sound.

    Online Brand Protection

    For those organizations concerned about the online risks faced, Zaliyo provides a complete package of online threat protection, detection, and monitoring within the entire internet network and mitigate the risks from illegal and fraudulent online activities.

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